Are you open on Thanksgiving or Christmas? 

New Leaf stores are open on Thanksgiving, closing early at 2 p.m. New Leaf stores are closed on Christmas Day. Find your store’s holiday hours here.

What’s my store’s address and phone number? 

Find your store’s contact information here.

Where do your turkeys come from?

Most of our turkeys come from the Diestel’s family ranch in Sonora, California. You can find out more about their ranch and turkeys here.

What’s the best way to roast a turkey? 

There are lots of ways to cook a turkey, from classic roasting to deep fried. For our favorite classic roasting method, click here. 

What’s the best way to heat up my prepared side dishes and deli items for the holiday? 

Most of our house-made dishes quickly and easily reheat in the oven or microwave. You can find a comprehensive reheating guide here.

Why does my turkey have ice on it? 

Our turkeys are chilled to 28°. We don’t use preservatives or additives; so chilling is the best way to keep ‘em fresh. Just submerge your bird, in its bag, in cold water to de-ice and soften before cooking or brining.

What ingredients are used in your menu items? 

See a full list of ingredients here. 

Where do I pick up my order?

You must select what store and day you want to pick up your order.  When you arrive, you will pick up any meat orders from the Meat department and all prepared foods and desserts from the Deli department. Turkey Dinner Packages will be ready for pick up in the Deli.

How do I make changes or cancel my order?

If you wish to change or cancel your order, you can call our hotline at (831) 465-5760 or visit any store to speak with our Holiday Solutions team. If you wish to add more items to your order, you can easily place an additional separate order with those new items only, or call our Holiday Solutions team at (831) 465-5760 and have them add to your previously placed order.

What size turkey is right for me?

We recommend 1lb per person, or ordering 1.5lbs per person to allow for leftovers. We can only confirm that you will receive a turkey in the range of weight that you chose. For example, if you want a 14lb bird, we recommend you order a 14-16lb to guarantee that you will receive at least 14lbs.

How do I order single side dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy?

We will have all your holiday favorites available À la Carte in store starting Sunday, November 18. You can easily grab these items in our Grab-n-Go case or at our Deli service case. We’ll have plenty of everything from our À la Carte menu and you can also check the Hot Bar for extra goodies.

How do I reheat my meal?

Reheating instructions will be attached to your order and are available here. You can also call the hotline at (831) 465-5760 or stop by the Holiday Solutions Station or Deli service counter if you have specific questions about your dish. 

If I have any allergies, where will I find ingredient list?

The ingredients in our dishes are listed on the ordering website, as well as available by request in the Deli. PLEASE NOTE: Our gluten-free offerings have no gluten ingredients, however, New Leaf’s kitchens are not certified gluten-free environments. If you are truly concerned or very sensitive to gluten, we do not recommend that you order these packages.

How many servings are in a Turkey Dinner or a Side Dish Package?

The number of servings will vary depending on the items you order. When ordering, each item will list the approximate number of servings for you online, or you can ask the Holiday Solutions teams. If you are concerned about quantities, it’s always better to order more and you’ll have leftovers. Everyone loves leftovers.

What does “serves 4-6” mean?

Depending on appetite it will feed 4 hungry people or 6 smaller appetites. Please keep in mind that these are approximate values.

It’s not allowing me to order a Turkey Dinner Package, why is this?

This most likely means we are sold out of that package at the location you have chosen for pickup. You can call our Holiday Solutions team at that store for assistance, or place the order for another New Leaf location close to you.

Can a customer make substitutions in Family Style Dishes and/or Side Dish Packages?

We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee your order substitutions for Side Dish Packages or Family Style Dishes. If you are looking for a customizable package, or want to supplement for extra of something, you can easily grab these items in our Grab-n-Go case or at our Deli service case when picking up your order. We’ll have plenty of everything from our À la Carte menu starting Sunday, 11/24, and you can also check our Hot Bar for extra goodies.