December Holidays

What are your reservation dates for December? We are open for December Reservations starting 11/29 until 12/21 at 10pm.

What are your pick-up dates for December? For meat and seafood items, pick-up dates for the December holiday season are from Tuesday, December 20th, to Monday, December 26th, excluding Christmas Day (December 25th) as we are closed on the holiday. For all other departments, pick-up dates are from Thursday, December 22nd to Monday, December 26th, excluding Christmas Day (December 25th).

Can I pick up my order after Christmas? Yes, you can choose up to the day after Christmas to pick up your order.

Are you open on Christmas Day? Are there other holiday hours I should be aware of? New Leaf Community Markets will close early on Saturday, December 24th at 6pm and will be closed on Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25th, so our staff may celebrate with their families.



General Questions

I'm having trouble checking out and could use some help. Sure thing! Please contact us, we're happy to help!

How can I learn more about how to order this year? Check out our Order Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to order!

Can I place my order with my local store either in person or over the phone? The best way to place your order is by using our reservations site, but if you'd prefer to place an order in-store, we're happy to help! Give us a call so we can provide options for reserving your holiday meal with us.

Do holiday orders earn Neighbor Rewards points? Yes! You will receive your points when you check out in store.

Will I receive my Senior Discount on my holiday order? Yes! You will receive your Senior Discount if you pick up on Tuesday or Thursday leading up to the holiday.

Do reservation orders earn points as part of Neighbor Rewards? Yes, your reservation order earns Neighbor Rewards points at the time of purchase at your pick up store. Find out more or join Neighbor Rewards here.

Can I edit or cancel my reservation order myself? Sorry, you will need to contact us to edit or cancel an order.


Pick Up Info, What to Expect & Safety

I’m concerned about the bird flu this year, should I be concerned about my health? Can I be exposed to bird flu based on my purchases at New Leaf? You should not be concerned. Exposure (consumption or otherwise) to bird flu poses no risk to humans. Additionally, because of the way this virus is spread amongst flocks, diseased or exposed birds – and their eggs - are not processed for consumption.

My favorite product isn’t available to reserve this year! Due to high interest, some holiday items may no longer be available to reserve in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience, though our staff are ready to assist with alternate recommendations to help you complete your holiday meal. You can find the hours of your preferred store here!

I want to reserve something that is not on the reservation site, can I place a special order? We are not accepting special orders through reservations, but we are confident our stores will have everything you need to complete your holiday meal. Contact your local store for product availability.

Can I reserve a pick-up order for today? Sorry, our New Leaf Community Markets stores are not able to fulfill orders on the same day that the order was placed. If you are needing any items same day, know that your local New Leaf Community Markets store is fully stocked and ready to help fulfill your holiday needs!

Can I reserve a pick up order for tomorrow? Yes, as long as you place your order before 4 p.m. you can choose to pick up your order on the next day.

What if I miss my pick up date? Meeting your pick up date will ensure your product is available and staff are prepared to assist you. Outside of your scheduled pick up day, we will do our best to find your order quickly, but you may experience longer wait times as a result. Please note: Stores are not able to accommodate pick ups after 9pm. Please contact your pick up store with any questions.

Where do I pick up my order? Go to the store you selected when you placed your reservation and follow the signs to the Pick-Up Table.

What’s my store’s hours, address or phone number? Find your local store’s hours and contact information here.

Do I need to know my reservation number? Having your confirmation email handy will speed up our process, but we can always look your order up! Double check your reservation to ensure you are heading to the correct store during your pick up window. Once you have arrived, our friendly staff will retrieve your order out of refrigeration.

Can I modify or cancel my order that has already been placed? Can I make changes to my order at pick up? We are happy to help you modify your order once it has been placed. Contacting us to adjust your order will ensure we are able serve you quickly in the store. Substitutions will be limited to quantity on hand.


Turkey Information & Reheating Instructions

There is a range of weights for turkeys? How much is it per pound when I reserve? Our raw meat items are offered by a weight range with variances within 2lbs and you will see a price estimate when you select your turkey. We cannot guarantee a specific weight within that range.

What size turkey is right for me? We recommend 1 lb per person for no leftovers, 1.5 lbs per person for some leftovers, and 2 lbs per person for lots of leftovers.

Am I able to reserve a turkey the exact size I want? We offer turkeys in 2-lb weight increments on the website. When you pick up your turkey at the store you can let the person know at the pick-up table what weight you are looking for and we will accommodate your request as best we can.

Can I have my turkey cut, butterflied, or filleted into pieces? Yes, we will gladly cut your bird to your preference. Just let the person at the pick-up table know what you need. Feel free to continue your shopping while we prepare your turkey.

Why does my turkey have ice on it? Our turkeys are chilled to 28°. Diestel doesn’t use preservatives or additives; so chilling is the best way to keep them fresh.

How do I thaw or cook my turkey?

First thing’s first, folks, thawing turkey on the counter is unsafe. We recommend a slow thaw in the fridge set to 40° F or lower. Remove your turkey from the box, but keep it wrapped in plastic, and go ahead and set it on a cookie sheet or in a roasting pan on the bottom shelf of your fridge. Your bird’s thaw time depends on weight; a 12-16 pounder, for example, is going to take three to four days.

If you don’t have the space or time, no sweat, a cold-water thaw is another option; This method works better for smaller birds, around 12-16 lbs. Place your turkey in a bucket or sink with continually trickling cold water into the container and keep it submerged. If using this method, be sure to disinfect all surfaces after thawing is complete.

Brining is another option that works well with a semi-thawed turkey. Just place your unwrapped turkey in a large bucket with your brine, cover, and place in the fridge until you’re ready to cook. It will continue to thaw in the brine.

Don’t forget: disinfect all surfaces and containers that came in contact with raw meat to avoid any contamination.

You can find the recipe for our favorite classic roasting method here.

Can I have my turkey cut, butterflied, or filleted into pieces? 
Yes*, we will gladly cut your bird to your preference. Just bring your turkey to the meat department and let them know what you need! Feel free to continue your shopping while we prepare your turkey. 
*Please note: we are unable to offer additional processing at our Downtown Santa Cruz location.

What’s the best way to heat up my prepared side dishes and deli items for the holiday? Most of our housemade dishes quickly and easily reheat in the oven or microwave. You can find our comprehensive reheating guide here.

Where do your turkeys come from? Most of our turkeys come from the Diestel’s family ranch in Sonora, California. Find out more about Diestel ranch and their turkeys.